4 thoughts on “Mixed salad

  1. I like the idea of you illustrating a recipe book. I think the peppers are perfect and Brian loves the cukes. His brother has been painting for years. and says clouds are very difficult to do. When I first saw the blue landscape I thought the clouds were the Aurora Borealis. I think it is very brave of you to put works you think of as imperfect. Too many people are afraid of criticism.. But how do we grow then? I am honored to let me see you progress.
    I leave Tuesday for what will be my last expedition type travel. Beth and I are spending 2 weeks on a little ship to explore in Antarctica. We will meet up in Buenos Aires. But I turn 81 in a month and am pushing the limits of my endurance and ability. . Plus I have to arrange for friends and family to check on Brian twice a day (because of his Parkinsons.)
    I so love your blog!


    1. Thanks for your interest in my blog and the development of my paintings. I do hope you and Beth enjoy your travels – Antarctica sounds a bit cold for me! But no doubt a spectacular experience.


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