Inktober and me

Inktober is an international drawing phenomenon. It encourages people to draw with ink and publish their work on line, for the month of October each year. I took part in Inktober for the first time in October 2018, and tried to use it to experiment with different styles and types of ink.  These are some of my drawings.  Although I think I posted 31 drawings by the end of the month, I did not draw every day, as that started to become an unhelpful pressure.  There is also a published list of daily prompts, which I decided to ignore.  Everyone is free to use the idea of Inktober in their own way.


Welcome to my blog

This blog shows you some of my drawings and paintings.  I draw on location in London and elsewhere, as well as developing studio drawings, paintings and prints.  I am involved in Urban Sketchers London and help to run meet-ups so sketchers can get together, explore London, and draw.  More information about Urban Sketchers London is available on our blog.  I also am interested in exploring the history of London.  I hope this blog will also evolve into other areas of interest.