Return to Kew Gardens

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I have been sketching again at Kew Gardens, in the Temperate House and the Princess of Wales Conservatory, as it was a day of heavy rain.  I experimented with water soluble coloured pencils, on backgrounds of random watercolour.

At Kew Gardens

Kew day one

Yesterday, I was painting at Kew Gardens, in London, with friends.  We also visited on a very hot day last week, shown above.  Kew has a famous gallery of botanical art, superbly skilled work in the very precise style, originally developed as a method of scientific recording.  I was trying to paint watercolour sketches in a freer, more painterly style, more about atmosphere than precision.  Well, that is the idea, here are some sketches from yesterday, painted on location.

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And here is a scan of the painting which is in the photograph at the top of this post.