Practice, practice

I have not painted for several months. Under pandemic restrictions in London I have done some pencil drawing on location, but in midwinter that is even more unlikely. So I need to get some painting done indoors, even if that would not be my preference. The past few days I have made a start, tackling flowers and pot plants which I have in front of me. Small, quick studies are enough – “be kind to yourself” is definitely a necessary principle at the moment. Here are some examples.

2 thoughts on “Practice, practice

  1. These are lovely Jo. I love the cacti and their pots. You’ve captured their characteristics brilliantly. Very glad you’ve got going again. It’s so hard to motivate ourselves in the middle of all this solitude and uncertainty.


  2. I love these because they combine my love of flowers, my love of gardening, and my love of impressionistic art. The daffodils are wonderful. They make me yearn for Spring.


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