More experiments with watercolour

Folly one

I have been looking at the work of the French watercolourist, Marc Folly.  His style combines very skilled drawings, often of dramatically lit interiors, with very free use of watercolour.  The first two paintings of mine here are based on a couple of his works, although obviously lacking his skill.

Folly two

I then experimented with two paintings based on a charcoal drawing of an arboretum I did last year.


img389 (2)

img390 (2)

3 thoughts on “More experiments with watercolour

  1. The subtle white shading is wonderful, Jo, in house and barn, I also especially like the umber/olive/brown etc trees watercolor. In fact, we just bought 2 new chairs today in those colors to replace 2 grungy ones in our living room. We have been housebound for almost 7 weeks due to Covid 19 and have spent a great deal of time in that room.. We bought them on line so I hope the chairs look like their photos! A question about the shading under the background tree:
    Is that reflections in water?


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