Experiments with collage and texture


Recently, I have been experimenting with a new, mixed media approach to my drawing.  Using a concertina sketchbook, I first prepare backgrounds with ink or watercolour, collage, and acrylic gesso.  Then, on location, I add drawing, and I have been experimenting with different pens and pencils.  Here are some examples, drawn in Dulwich Park, at the British Museum, at Kew Gardens, and on a recent meet-up of Urban Sketchers London, at the Barbican.

8 thoughts on “Experiments with collage and texture

    1. I am experimenting with whatever is around at home. The pictures with trees, I took my scissors to envelopes from my Christmas cards. Some of the pages, I used some relevant materials like a ‘What’s On’ leaflet from the British Museum. I think in some cases I have then covered this up with too much gesso, but the idea is to experiment.


  1. This is the first time I have particularly noticed attention to shadow. Do time constraints play into this?


    1. I don’t think it is about the time the work takes. The main difference with these works is that they are done on backgrounds which are prepared in advance and which are rather random. This could use ink, watercolour, gesso and collage.. This is probably giving more light and shade to what would otherwise be line drawings.


      1. Thanks. I know you are varying what skills you are focusing on each time. I was wondering more if plein air limits you as to time available and shifting sun light. I have NO talent in seeing an object and drawing it.. My artistic talents are more tactile in nature: working in clay, and metals like silver and pewter. I envy you!


      2. Generally you are right, of course, the sun moves and the shadows change, and that tonal contrast is what helps define the form. A lot of what I am doing is quick sketching, so it’s less of an issue.


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